How the Great British weather can affect your roof

Your roofing system acts as the first line of defence when it comes to protecting your home against various weather elements. While every homeowner is well aware of the risks that storms and weather pose to their roofs, most of them don’t understand how they affect their roofing structures. Roof damage can happen gradually over time and go unnoticed, especially if you don’t carry out regular roof inspections. Extreme weather—like snowstorms, torrential rains, and wind—can also cause significant damage to your roof.

It’s important to know how storms and weather have an impact on your home’s roofing. Here is a guide to help you understand how different weather elements affect your roof structure and cause damage as well as the steps that you should take to repair damages.

Wind Damage

Storms are usually accompanied by fast-moving and strong winds that wreak havoc along their path. These winds are one of the most common causes of roof damage in residential and commercial structures. As the winds get stronger, roof tiles and slates become loose and can fall off your roof, leaving your home susceptible to leaks and other dangers. Strong storms not only damage your roof but can also damage your wooden roofing frame.

After a storm, it’s highly advisable to check the condition of your roof. If there is any visible damage, you should call an experienced roofing contractor such as ourselves to do a thorough inspection and repair the damage as soon as possible.

Rain Damage

The fact that roofs are installed to protect you and your home against weather elements like rain doesn’t mean that your roof cannot sustain any water damage. While roofs are rarely damaged by rain alone, existing vulnerabilities such as missing tiles, cracked slates or improper installations may cause water to leak into your roofing structure and home. If your roof is not in the best condition, heavy rain will undoubtedly cause further roof damage.

As a homeowner, you’re strongly advised to regularly check your roof for potential damage, regardless of whether there has been a storm or other extreme weather conditions recently or not.

Tree Damage

If your home is in the vicinity of any large trees, you’re at a higher risk of possible property damage when a storm hits. Your roof faces the greatest risk of damage from broken branches, debris or falling trees due to strong storm winds. In most cases, falling trees cause extensive damage to roof tiles, slates, and even roofing frames. If the damage caused is small, it can be fixed quickly to prevent rain and dampness seeping into your home.

For extensive damage, you will need to contact roofing experts who can provide more reliable repair and installation solutions to prevent future storm damage. Such experts recommend getting rid of any trees or cutting off branches that pose a risk to your home, especially in storm-prone areas.

Snow Damage

Although snow is a common weather phenomenon, most people are not aware of the damage it can cause on roofs if it’s not removed. Snowy roofs often cause large ridges of ice or ice dams at the edge of roofs or gutters. When this happens, melting snow water cannot run off the roof and ends up backing up and causing leaks.

That’s why the proper monitoring of your roof after a snowstorm is critical.

Storms and weather cause damage on your roof. It may not be immediate in standard stormy conditions that happen throughout the year but can happen gradually if roofing inspections are not done regularly. It’s always important to have your roof checked by professional roofing contractors after a storm or any extreme weather.

When your roof suffers any form of damage, you can’t wait for the storm or weather to let up before making necessary repairs. If water enters your home, it may cause serious structural damage that will be expensive to repair.

Specialized roofing experts can locate storm damage on your roof and provide quality repairs. Whether it’s storm damage inspection to slate repairs, work with a professional such as ourselves at D & C to meet your roofing needs in the best way possible .

If you think that your roof may already require a repair then do not hesitate to contact us today for your free quotation on 01884 798307 or 07763 926770

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