5 Reasons Why You Should Consider Bespoke Joinery

When many people hear the word ‘bespoke’ the term ‘expensive’ often follows, especially when you are speaking about building or interiors. Joinery is the craft of building things like doors, cabinets and stairs by joining pieces of wood together. Joinery and carpentry can involve overlapping skills, but they can often differ, as a carpenter usually installs a joiner’s product, rather than building it.

So, with this being said, would you consider hiring a joiner, rather than buying a ready-made item? Find out our five reasons why we think you should consider a bespoke joiner.

Made to Measure

When you start a bespoke joinery project, what you need can be made to measure and fit perfectly in your home. We all have awkward spaces in our homes that no matter what we try, nothing seems to fit! A bespoke joiner will be able to make the most of that awkward alcove or space and utilise every nook and cranny, to ensure that the space is used to its full potential.


You often see beautiful homes where past owners have cut corners, or not fully appreciated the original craftsmanship that went into the building when it was first built. So, if you have a home, which has some beautiful features which have not been used to their full potential, or want to install a traditional staircase which suites the period of the building, bespoke joinery can achieve this.


Ready-made furniture is, of course, fashionable and cost-effective, but if you want something unique, like a staircase, for example, no one else will have it their house. One of the best things about using bespoke joinery is that the piece will be completely unique and will fit extremely well into your home.


Sometimes, you just don’t know what you want or know what will work well. However, you may want your kitchen cabinets to look a certain way, or your fitted wardrobes to be particularly decorative, but you simply cannot find quite what you’re after. If this sounds familiar, then bespoke joinery is definitely recommended, as joiners have a great eye for what you will need. You can describe your ideas and let them do what they do best!

One Time Investment

Bespoke joinery may not be the cheapest option, but because the product or piece will be made to measure and have custom work involved, it is extremely likely that it will be a one-time investment. Bespoke joinery is made to last, and this isn’t just due to its quality and expert craftsmanship but also because of the style and utility it can actually provide. You are more likely to spend a lot more on numerous ready-made items over the years than on a single bespoke joinery item.

Another added benefit of investing in bespoke joinery is that it can be attractive to potential buyers if you ever choose to sell your home, and you could even see a return on investment.

Here at D & C, we are also a bespoke joinery, Tiverton-based company, so, if you require any advice regarding joinery, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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