Building Regulations: Re-roofing

The roof of your home is one of the most important aspects of your property, and keeping it in good shape is essential. However, after a period of time, your roof will need to be replaced. Additionally, in most situations, this work will need Building Regulations approval.

So, if you are re-roofing the whole of your home, or more than a quarter of the roof area, then you will need to submit a Building Regulations application form to your local authority. You will need to do this so an appointed building inspector can check various key areas of work including ventilation and loft insulation thickness.

A new roof on your home will be required to:

  • Resist weather

  • Resist the spread of fire from one property to another

  • Be able to support weight

  • Provide resistance to heat loss

  • Be well-ventilated to protect from condensation

  • Have suitable drainage

In terms of drainage on your roof, a pitched roof will usually use the tiles or slates as a void to drain any water. With a flat roof, it will usually consist of felting which has a slight fall to allow rainwater to drain off.

Flat Roofs

Repairs to some flats roofs may not require an application for approval under the Building Regulations. However, if the roof has integral insulation which needs to be replaced, then you may be required to upgrade this 'thermal element' of the structure and reduce the amount of heat that was originally lost.

Pitch Roof

If your roof is going to be replaced with a different material, then you will most likely require approval under the Building Regulations to ensure the roof will be adequate in terms of structural stability. This is appropriate when the replacement tile will be significantly heavier or lighter than the existing, and also meet requirements in respect of fire safety and energy efficiency.

If the new covering of your roof is going to be a lot heavier or lighter than the existing one, your roof structure may need to be modified or strengthened, and it is best to speak with a structural engineer or surveyor before you commence with any work.

What is Re-roofing?

Re-roofing is basically tearing down your current roof to install an entirely new one. Re-roofing usually occurs when the damage to your current roof is too severe that it cannot be repaired and the cost of repairing it is just too high.

When Should You Replace Your Roof?

Sometimes your roof’s condition might be that bad that persistent leaks cannot be solved by a job. When this is the case, it might be necessary to have your roof replaced as soon as possible to prevent further damages.

Replacing your roof is not really an easy job, and it may actually sound daunting, but it is probably the only way to deal with this situation effectively. It is essential to hire a professional team of roofers, Tiverton to assist. If you are concerned about cost, roof replacement is actually not always more expensive than roof repairs because extensive repairs could easily add up to the cost of roof replacement, especially if you are doing constant repairs on an old roof.

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