What are Fascia and Why Do We Need Them?

Often, we see that a homes’ roofing and associated areas do not get the focus and attention that they need, and deserve. They are an essential part of your home, and given the fact that a roof basically keeps your home and its contents warm, dry, and safe, it is even more peculiar that more attention is not paid to this area.

With this in mind, we are going to look at the importance of two of the main areas that incorporate a safe and secure roof fascia and soffit:

An example of fascia on a home

What’s the Importance of Fascia and Soffit?

The chief role of fascia and soffit on the home is to provide your roof with not only an adequate amount of protection but also an aesthetically pleasing smooth appearance. As you can guess, it is therefore paramount that both are installed properly.

Understanding the Role of the Fascia

The fascia is used to form an effective barrier between the outside and the edge of the roof. Usually, you will find that a fascia is fitted behind the guttering system and under the line of the roof. There’s not much of an argument against the importance of the fascia and its correct installation. The fascia, in most instances, will cover the entire structure of the house, attaching at the top of the exterior walls.

Explaining the Role of Soffit

Soffit extends from the side of the structure to the edges of the eave. It is what’s used under the eave on the house’s exterior as an efficient way to seal the space beneath. Due to the nature of its design, soffit ensures installation from the exterior walls to the fascia boards.

Soffit has an important part to play in aerating allowing an attic; it characteristically will have small holes that permit air to cycle to the vents, helping to draw heat and moisture away. The importance of this can’t be underestimated because moisture build up in the attic can lead to rotting, having potentially disastrous effects.

More on the Fitting of Fascia

We have touched on this previously, and we can’t express its importance enough; top quality installation and maintenance of fascia and soffit on your home are fundamental. If your property isn’t a new build, it is even more important to take extra care of wooden fascia and soffit, for example. This is because we all know that wood and water are not the best of friends! If your existing fascia needs replacing, you can swap the wooden installation with PVC or aluminium alternatives. This will give you a long-lasting, more resilient addition to your home. For more information from an experienced fascia fitting company, call us here at D & C Roofing.

Image: Billbeee under Creative Commons.

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