VIDEO: Renovation of Battersea Power Station’s Iconic Chimneys

In recent news, Battersea Power Station Development Company announced that Sir Robert McAlpine have been appointed the role of new construction manager who is tasked with completing Phase 3 of the redevelopment project.

Battersea Power Station, Nine Elms, London.

The French industrial group, Bouygues, was originally selected for the £1bn third phase works two years ago, in 2015, but following significant pre-construction site activities, the group was unable to find an agreement of the terms which would have seen them make the move on to the main build phase. With any possible agreements falling through, Sir Robert McAlpine now takes its place.

No time will be wasted, with the handover process underway already. Sir Robert McAlpine’s Phase 3 team will now continue to grow in the coming months, with Battersea Power Station Development Company owners stating that the change of contracting partner will not affect the existing progress on site.

What’s happening during Phase 3?

Phase 3 will see in excess of 1,300 new homes, a hotel, shops and restaurants all being built, along with a brand-new London Underground station. There’s also plans for a new pedestrianised high street, and Electric Boulevard, which will run from the new Underground station up to the Power Station.

Simon Jenner, chief operating officer of Battersea Power Station Development Company, said: “On behalf of the shareholders, we are pleased to welcome Sir Robert McAlpine to the project. Sir Robert McAlpine have demonstrated a comprehensive and robust understanding of our objectives; they have identified a strong, proven team with highly relevant experience and have shown a true desire and enthusiasm to work on this exciting and demanding project.

This is another step towards the successful completion of this phase, and we look forward to working with their team in due course.”

Paul Heather, Sir Robert McAlpine’s managing director for London, added: "We are delighted to be involved at the Battersea scheme and look forward to working successfully with the developer and consultant team on the completion of Battersea Power Station Phase 3."

Watch an amazing time lapse video of the Battersea Power Station chimney construction here:

Fortunately, for anyone living in the Devon and Somerset region, our roofing specialists will still be on hand to help you with your projects, even if they aren’t as big as Battersea Power Station Phase 3 operation.

Video courtesy of Construction News/YouTube.

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