GUIDE: A Basic Explanation of Scaffolding

When it comes to both constructing and repairing buildings, scaffolding acts as an exoskeleton that effectively supports workers, machinery, and to a certain extent, the structures themselves. Scaffolding provides us with a safe way for crew and materials to move along the building and carry out the work that is needed to be done, particularly when it comes to larger buildings.

Scaffolding set up on the side of a structure

The basics of scaffolding

In the early stages, scaffolding was made from bamboo or wood (and still is in some societies today). In the UK, they are made of metal pipes or hoses, providing a far sturdier structure to work on. The most widely used metals are steel and aluminium. Aluminium is the more superior option of the two; this is because it can be stored easily and used outside without concerns of rust.

Scaffolding is generally quite complex in terms of its structure. If needed, scaffolding can be linked to the building in certain places. A scaffold tower is a self-supporting structure and doesn’t need another erection of building to lean against which eliminates the risk of slipping.

In the beginning, scaffolding used to be rather unstable, mostly due to the fact that it was only used to support workers for a building. However, as the years went on, scaffolding became recognised as an industry of its own, and these developments helped turn a growing market into what it is today. Now, more than ever, there is a more professional approach to everything that surrounds the scaffolding world. Sophistication and safety are at the pinnacle of their game, thanks largely to the progressions over the years from dedicated people in the industry. There are various models to suit different application needs. There are also regulations regarding scaffolding so that a certain rather strict standard is met (concerning the quality of materials used and safety regulations) especially in the UK and Europe.

Hiring a quality and reliable organisation

If you are looking for scaffolding services, it is always highly recommended to go for a quality, reliable provider. There are several companies that provide good quality services.

If you have any questions regarding scaffolding services or would like a scaffolding quote, contact us here at D & C Roofing and find out how we can help!

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